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16 April 2003

It's ridiculous
the sorts of people they let
move in the building.

29 March, 2003

Private to Megan JonesCollapse )

Massive spring showers
Raining constantly it seems
Where are the flowers?

23 March, 2003

1 March, 2003

PrivateCollapse )

I...want to say thank you. To everyone - for all your kind words and gestures. Thank you.

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17 February, 2003

When I was seventeen a bad thing happened that I don't remember. What I do remember was that I spent all of Easter hols at St Mungo's completely miserable. None of the Healers believed me when I said I didn't remember what happened, and said they really needed to know exactly what happened to uncurse me. And I don't think Mum believed me, either. I think she thought I was just refusing to talk because I was so embarrassed and she had been under a lot of pressure at work.

And I remember I was just so miserable and I thought I would never be happy again and I was dreading going back to school because it seemed like everyone hated me.

And then on the very last day before I was set to check out and go back the next morning, Mum came in to see me. And she brought triple fudge mint ice cream and my Owl Express album to play and wizarding Scrabble and Embraces With Emperors. And she read to me and we poked fun at all the cheesy and historically inaccurate bits of the book, and played about seven games of Scrabble, and she even danced with me to "Dissendium of Hearts" even though Mum was never a huge Owl Express fan.

That was the happiest day I had that entire spring.

And I can't remember if I ever told her how much it meant to me.

15 February, 2003

Oh Merlin

9 February, 2003

I don't know what that Mediwizard was on about regarding inappropriate comments. Just because Mum's barely hanging on doesn't give me immunity from noticing someone being fit and remarking on it.

I could really use some male company, though. All the Healers in the long term ward here are either old, stuffy, or both.

3 February, 2003

Warded to ChoCollapse )

I've been staring at this evidence I'm supposed to be writing a report on for over an hour and I can't remember what colour it is and I can't focus enough to meditate.

I don't want to be here.

26 January, 2003

Oh Merlin, not again.

Morag and Blaise, I don't know when I'll be home, but it probably won't be tonight.

19 January, 2003

I think all that age shifting business may have messed with my memory some.

I just realised that not only did I forget my lunch, I forgot to put on stockings and this morning.

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