Marietta Edgecombe (marietta_louise) wrote,
Marietta Edgecombe

23 May, 2003

It's been rather a slow week at work this week - especially today considering the weekend. So with no fieldwork and only paper filing to keep me busy, I decided to write an epic poem of Euterpe's Corner's mutant sock.

Unfortunately, while epic poems are best written as sonnets or rhyming or something, the only type of poetry I'm halfway decent at is haiku. It's still a bit fictionalised, because epic poetry, haiku or not, needs to have a certain tone.


Deep in the bowels
in the shadowy laundry
strange magic comes forth

One simple old sock
left there in the dank and dust
lost and forgotten

The magic creeps in
taking a hold of mildew
frayed edges and dirt

The sock comes to life
What was once moldy with holes
now contains sharp teeth


"Something must be done"
says the maid, eyes filled with fear
disgust and loathing

The gallant chef says
"Fear not, maid. I will help you
defeat the monster"

Armed the two descend
into the pitch black shadows
listening for noise

A small light is lit
shadows bounce across the floor
lo! in the corner

The mutant's spotted
its teeth bared ferociously
despite its small size

The dust perishes
As it swallows its poor prey
hunger unceasing

"Watch out!" says the chef
"Its teeth are sharp and we don't
know where it has been."

The maid, unafraid
continues towards the beast sock
prepared to snatch it.

And look there - success!
the beast struggles for freedom
but cannot get out.


"What next?" says the maid
As the two heroes discuss
their course of action.

They cannot free it
When its many dangers stay
unknown to the world

A magical seal
placed by deft hands of the chef
keeps the beast within


A new day dawns now
the sock sent to a safe place
where it will now stay

The experts would find
what to do with the monster
And how it was made

Yet never knowing
the perils the heroes faced
to save the Corner.
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